2017 Johns-Putra Junior Elite Training

Cameron McGowan and Winston Zhao Chen have been selected for the 2017 Johns-Putra Junior Elite Training Squad.

The following article was published in a Special edition of the Australian Junior Chess League newsletter.

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Congratulations to the players who have been selected for the 2017 Johns-Putra Junior Elite Training Squad!

Saffron Archer ACT
Siddhant Badrinarayan ACT
Nadia Braganza NZ
Sophie Chang VIC
Chao Xin Cheng VIC
Anthony Fikh NSW
Michael Gong NSW
Daniel Hanwen Gong NZ
Athena Hathiramani ACT
Dillon Hathiramani ACT
Marco Le Lun Zheng NSW
Athena-Malar Retnaraja SA
Ethan Retnaraja SA
Cameron McGowan NSW
Daniel Melamed NSW
Byron Morris QLD
Aidan Odenthal NSW
Vincent Qiang NSW
William Rumley TAS
Haran Salasan VIC
Gavyn Sanusi-Goh VIC
Sulia Van Sebille ACT
Eva Yifan Wang VIC
Bridgette Watkins QLD
Sophie Watkins QLD
Albert Winkleman ACT
Ruofan Xu ACT
Oliver Yang QLD
Melody Yang QLD
Winston Zhao Chen NSW

Reserves (please note these reserves are not necessarily in order)

Erin Dullaway QLD
Sayum Rupasinge NSW
Shawn Zillman VIC
Joshua Lee ACT

With an extremely tough field of over 80 candidates, the selection process was very difficult this year. If you have not been selected, please keep working hard on your chess and make sure to apply again next year

Please ensure you email byes@rootyhillchessclub.org if you are unable to make it to your game.