2022 Autumn Swiss

2022 Autumn Swiss

9 Round FIDE & ACF rated tournament

Entries now are closed

For results, please refer to the sidebar on the right of your screen.
Time Control: 90 minutes for all moves plus 30 seconds per move from the start

Clocks Start promptly at 7.15pm: Default time 7:45pm

Note: Tuesday the 19th of April is the Tuesday after Easter and Round 3 will be on the 26th of April

Arbiter – Jonathan Adams

** ½ point byes must be requested at least one week prior to the
round requested ** No ½ point byes are permitted in rounds 8 & 9

Round 1: Tuesday, April 5th
Round 2: Tuesday, April 12th
Round 3: Tuesday, April 26th
Round 4: Tuesday, May 3rd
Round 5: Tuesday, May 10th
Round 6: Tuesday, May 17th
Round 7: Tuesday, May 24th
Round 8: Tuesday, May 31st
Round 9: Tuesday, June 7th

Players not normally resident in Australia must have a FIDE ID number to enter the Open tournament. This can be obtained from their national federation. Any player who arrives at the chessboard more than 30 minutes after the start of the session shall lose the game unless the arbiter decides otherwise.

There is NO analysis at the board permitted. 

In instances where your opponent does not arrive, the organisers will repair you with another player or allocate a bye. We cannot cater for every contingency but will attempt to be as flexible as possible. A player may only receive a total of one (1) point in byes. If a player has previously received, a full point bye (or a point by default), they shall receive no (0) points for that round.

Wearing a Face Mask is a Condition of entry

Ratings using will be FIDE April 2022 – ACF March 2022
Entries close on Saturday 3rd of April. Draw will be done on Sunday 4th of April
Late Entries are online only and are only accepted depending on room Configuration

Entries on the day will miss round 1

Please ensure you email byes@rootyhillchessclub.org if you are unable to make it to your game.