2022 Rooty Hill Championships

2022 Rooty Hill Club Championships

Please check your email for the entry link

Late Entries after Saturday 25th June:
$20 (Adult) $10 (Junior)

To enter, you must be a member of Rooty Hill Chess Club in 2022.

Division A (Round Robin): 10 Players (FIDE and ACF)

Division B/C/D (Swiss): 16 Players per Divison (FIDE and ACF)

Division E (Round Robin): (ACF Only)

Players are sorted by FIDE ratings

Time Control: 90 Minutes + 30 seconds per move

Clocks Start: 7:15pm

Default Time: 7:45pm

Entries close Saturday 25th June for all divisions

Round 1: 28th of June
Round 2: 5th of July
Round 3: 12th of July
Round 4: 19th of July
Round 5: 26th of July
Postponed Games + Rapid Tournament: 2nd of August
Round 6: 9th of August
Round 7: 16th of August
Round 8: 23rd of August
Postponed Games + Rapid Tournament: 30th of August
Round 9: 6th of September

Please ensure you email byes@rootyhillchessclub.org if you are unable to make it to your game.