2023 Annual Simul

2023 Annual Simul with IM Gary Lane

Please note you must be a current financial member of the Chess Club and the West HQ to play in the Simul.

For financial juniors, a parent must also be a member of West HQ.

Please check your email for the entry link.

Rules for the Simul: 30 players only.

Starts at 7:00 pm sharp 6th of June

1. No chess clocks are used. 

2. Gary will be white on all boards. 

3. Gary walks from board to board. 

4. Each player is expected to make a move when Gary arrives at the board. 

5. When Gary arrives at your Board, you are allowed to say pass and not make a move on ONE occasions ONLY.  

6. Gary has the right to change his move up until the moment he makes his move on the next board.

7. Once down to the last 3 players, his opponents will have 5 minutes on a clock to finish their games.

8. Any players who defeat Gary in the simul will receive a book/DVD price of their choice that is available at the night

Please ensure you email byes@rootyhillchessclub.org if you are unable to make it to your game.