Rooty Hill Online Chess Club

Here is a step by step method of joining the Rooty Hill Online Chess Club:

If you already have a account, go to step 5.

If you do not have a account:

1.  Go to via the URL or a search engine (i.e. google).

2. On the left-hand side click on “Sign Up.”

3. Enter a username, email and password for your account.

4. Press “Create your free account”.

5. At the Rooty Hill Chess Club section, select “Join” and please provide your name.

Once you have joined the group on, to play in a Rooty Hill Chess Club Tournament: 

1. On the menu, either located on the left, right or top of the screen hover over “play” and move the curser over “live chess” and click on it. 

2. Locate the “tournaments tab” on the top right hand side. There will be a tournament labelled as “Rooty Hill Chess Club (and the type of tournament it is)”.

Tournaments are not Visible until 25 hours before the start time.

3.Registration on the tournament opens 1 hour before the tournament starts, at 5:30pm as our tournaments start at exactly 6.30pm AEST.

4. Once the tournament starts, you will automatically be paired against someone else, and after all games for that round have finished, you will be paired against someone with the same points as you.

Please ensure you email if you are unable to make it to your game.